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How long will it take to get my order? 

Each garment is made by order. We do not carry stock, meaning

when when your invoice comes in we start working on it. It takes

3-6 days to complete your items and up to 4 days for delivery. Please be advised that because of the current pandemic, orders can take this long or longer. You will receive a tracking number after you place your order. Make sure you tell your mail carrier that you have some precious cargo coming from us.  

Can I place a rush order?

Unfortunately, we do not take rush orders.



Can I place an order for custom colors to match an outfit I have? 

Of course you can! Hit us up at and submit supporting pictures, colors you want to have and we will get back to you right away. 

I wear a larger size than what you advertise. Can I get a custom size?  

Yes, we can custom your garment if your size is not listed. It has to be something that our manufacturers make. For example, is you wear a 4-6XL, we may have to order a different brand of garment that carries a larger size and then embellish it. Some styles may not be available. Please refer to our sizing chart in the images following each item.   If you have questions, email us at or access the chat function on our site to speak with us.  

Are there any special care instructions for your garments? 

Yes there are. The general rule is to handle your garment as if it is delicate. This would mean turning your garment inside-out, washing with cold water, and hang drying or drying on low heat.  High heat is not an option. Bleach or whitening chemicals is a no-no. If you dry clean, use bleach or whiteners, or dry on high, 19 Printz LLC is not responsible for the damage of your garments. 

Do you need models for your website or social media advertisement?


Of course we do. We also have sister companies that can use your smiles as well. Please send us your images along with links to your social media accounts to review. There is also a form you will need to sign as well if you are chosen. Send us a request at We will get back to you in hopes to work something out.  


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